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5 Ways to Initiate Social Change & Progress

This audio is the mentorship call that inspired Mr. McCambry to write his new book THE PLAN.


Getting Unstuck and Going to the Next Level

Many times we are experiencing progress then all of a sudden, we feel we gotten stuck. This audio will help you get unstuck.



2020 has been a year like no other. It has brought us unparalleled danger, as well as unparalleled opportunity for real change.

With the uprising triggered by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers still going strong, there have been many heartening changes to local municipal laws around the country. But we all know it’s not nearly enough. To produce real justice for the Black community, we must have equal economic power and equal access to education – and those are goals that seem light years away.


THE PLAN and Workbook Combo

The best purchase to start implementing change! THE PLAN will not only present ideas, but TRUE APPLICABLE STEPS for the reader to take to initiate change in his or her own life immediately! THE PLAN WORKBOOK will assist the reader as he or she completes each chapter to start implementing what was just read.


Power of Expectations

There is great power in expecting something positive and progressive for your life! Listen to how it all comes together.


Reco McCambry

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© Urban Sharks, LLC - All Rights Reserved