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MILLIONAIRE MINDSET Inspirational Media Bundle Pack

This, by far, is the best purchasing decision you could make when considering Reco's inspirational media. You will get a collection of each mp3 that’s included in Reco's current library while saving money per mp3 as well.


7 Inner Enemies to Conquer if You Wish to Succeed

If you wish to become successful there are 7 inner enemies to conquer. This audio breaks each down so you can keep them at bay daily!


The 4 Emotions that Lead to Success

All of us have emotions, but what if you knew the emotions you could embrace that would lead to success? After listening to this, you will!


The Divine Laws of Success

Many wonder about the elements that make up success. Wonder no more, these are the LAWS.


To Be Successful You Need the Right Reasons

If you’re not successful, you probably have enough intelligence, but you probably lack enough reasons!


The Importance of Challenging Yourself

No matter what level of success we reach, we should always continue to try to reach additional levels, we must challenge ourselves, listen to this and see why.


10 People You Need in Your Life to Succeed

In order to achieve a high level of success, you need to build a solid team of people around you that will contribute to your success. Find out who needs to be on your team.


How to Think Your Way Successful

There is a lot of work involved with becoming successful but believe it or not, most of it will come from the thinking you will be doing. Listen to this audio to learn how to think to succeed.


Why You Don't Have to Do What You Love to Succeed

Find out why “You can only succeed doing what you love” is an overused cliche and why it isn’t really true.


10 Ways to Develop Belief In Yourself

Confidence is required and a prerequisite to having a high level of success. This audio will help you find out how to gain it.


11 People to Avoid Starting Today

There are people that we should seek out to help us succeed but also people we should avoid to succeed as well. This audio reveals those individuals.


Developing Your Philosophy

The difference between the people you admire and success they have is the difference in the philosophy you both have. Learn to develop your own by listing to this audio.



There are so many ways to define success but this mp3 will elaborate more on this topic to help you get on the right path to achieve it.


8 Ways to go from Potential to Success

We all have potential to a certain extent to become successful, but most people don’t know how to take the leap. This audio will share how.


4 Tips to Win in Life and Business

This audio is good for someone that looking at where to start to gain the success in life and business that most people dream of.


The Plan, The Process, and The Potential

All of us have potential to succeed but the majority of us like the plan involved to succeed nor does the majority understand the process. This audio explains.


When Things Seem Out Of Your Reach

When it seems like you can see the results and success you desire but for some reason you just can’t arrive at that place, this audio is for you.


The 5 M's That Make Up the Mentality to Succeed

To become highly successful, we must travel beyond having a good mindset to gaining the right mentality. This audio discusses how to accomplish that.


Focus and Launch

In order to successfully launch your business, you must get focused. Not just for new affiliates, it is also GREAT for existing affiliates as well.


The Fatherless Father

Reco's 'The Fatherless Father' will challenge the popular cliché, 'A woman can't raise a man.' This book will arm you with a strong faith in God along with giving you certain principals and truths that will prepare you for the challenges faced in a single-parent household.


Giving YOURSELF the Gift of Time to Succeed

The best gift you can give anyone is the gift of your time, because you can never get it back. But you will need it to succeed!


How to Achieve & Attract Success

This audio teaches you how to attract the people and opportunities that lead to achievement.


CEO in 90 Days

Reco has successful launched and run several companies, as well as aced an MBA program in one of the top programs in the country with a 4.0 GPA! He knows what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur!

CEOin90days is a 12-week virtual course to teach prospective entrepreneurs what to do to launch their business from A to Z. You will have access to Reco’s team as well!


15 Habits of the Wealthy

Most people are not wealthy because they don’t have the right habits. This audio gets you on track!


Author in 60 Days

This is an 8-week virtual course to teach prospective authors how to go from a few ideas to a fully published book in 60 days, all with Reco’s help and team!


Top Notch Speaker Program

This is a 4-week virtual course to teach prospective speakers how to go from speaking on their level to TOP NOTCH! With a coach that’s being doing it successfully for two decades, you are in great hands!


Blueprint for Success Seminar

This is Reco’s foundation training program for success!

This is a 2-day seminar that covers all the basics EVERYONE needs to know to become successful in their personal life and quite frankly, the mindset and skill set taught in the “Blueprint for Success” training program will help any individual succeed in any business and even their career.

Call for Price: (678) 750-3787

12 Months To Greatness Program

This is 52-week virtual course may be a little intense but this is EXACTLY what you need if you want the plan AND accountability to forge the greatness out of you!


Communication Pro Workshop

If people could improve the way they communicate and improve their perception of what’s being communicated to them, they would have better outcomes to situations involving other people. We all have different personalities and mostly we communicate from our own perspective. This causes problems when you communicate with someone who has a different personality and perspective than you. This 2 and 1/2 day seminar/ workshop assesses EVERY participants personality by taking a personality test, groups them with like personalities and everyone learns about the other general personalities and how to interact, relate, persuade, and influence to get the desired results.

Call for Price: (678) 750-3787

Leadership to Legacy Summit

This intensive 2 and 1/2 day seminar will take a novice communicator and transform them into someone who is well equipped with the information to begin to start transforming lives and influencing people. The facilitator goes from teaching the core principals of leadership to the requirements of what’s required to actually leave a legacy.

Call for Price: (678) 750-3787

The Secret to Failure and Success

Everyone wants to know the secret to success but the secret to failure is just as important! Here's why...


The Power of Humility

Power and success are very impressive to certain people, but there is something even more impressive to all people - humility. This audio will teach you principles that are sure to assist you on your success journey.


The Choice & Attraction of Success!

Success is not only a choice, it must be attracted! Listen to this audio to find out how so you can succeed starting today.


DISCIPLINE: The True Secret of Success

Many train on mindset and skillset being the secret to success, but if you can't have discipline, even when possessing these two, you will still fall short.


Decisions of the Super Successful

The results we have in life are a sum total of the decisions we have made in life. Listen to this audio to learn what decisions to make to start succeeding.


Lies People Tell Themselves That Keep Them From Success

People lie all the time, but mostly convincingly to themselves. Find out what the lies are that you could be telling yourself that is keeping you from success.


20 Thought Processes to Have Going into the New Year

Whether you're entering into the new year or just simply needing help navigating a new day, this audio is sure to give you the right mindset to successfully make it happen!


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