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Leadership to Legacy Summit

Product Code: rmtp170
Call for Price: (678) 750-3787

Many use the term “Born Leader”; however, after much research, personal development, and interaction with several leaders in different industries, it is understood that Leaders aren’t born, Leaders are made.

This intensive 2 and 1/2 day seminar will take a novice communicator and transform them into someone who is well equipped with the information to begin to start transforming lives and influencing people. The facilitator goes from teaching the core principals of leadership to the requirements of what’s required to actually leave a legacy.

Topics covered range from: Little Known Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Leaders, Reducing Anxiety and Thinking Clearly While Under Pressure, Motivating and Influencing Individuals and Groups of Individuals, TOP 10 Leadership Traits, Having Legacy Thinking, Developing and Knowing Your Legacy and much more. This is by far, is the most transformative of all Reco’s training programs when it comes to leadership!

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